Home Users

Home Users

IT Alternative - home users

For home/home office users we provide dedicated, all-round support, covering the following services:

  • Solving computer performance problems (e.g., unusually slow computer – it didn’t used to be this slow!)
  • Installing/configuring broadband, including wireless networking.
  • Negotiating with broadband service providers on your behalf, including talking to the helpline
  • Fixing email issues (e.g., problems with sending or receiving)
  • Resolving virus and other security problems (including malware and email Spam).
  • Troubleshooting problems with mobile phones and other mobile devices (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Blackberries)
  • Fixing issues with Skype and other video-calling software
  • Troubleshooting faulty hard drives.
  • Fitting memory (RAM), replacement hard drives, sound cards and graphics cards.
  • Training provided on:
    • General computer use, Office programmes (such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint), downloading photos from mobile phones and digital cameras, basic photo editing.
    • Training also provided on how to use, and get the best out of, mobile phones, and other portable devices (e.g. Kindle, iPad).
  • Buying advice (including sourcing the most affordable deals)
  • Dealing, on your behalf, with online and store retailers (if necessary can attend stores with clients, or work with clients during their internet purchase of a computer).
  • Home installs of new or upgraded equipment
  • Data transfer from old PCs to new.
  • Setting up reliable, secure affordable data backup
  • Managing/supervising ethical disposal of old, unwanted equipment (e.g., monitors and base units)

Paul has been an expert help in so many ways to me: from advising me what PC, memory or external hard drive to buy to sorting any difficulty I might have with my computer. Paul is always friendly and patient, which is essential to me, since I feel I need help in understanding the complexity of my PC. Thanks to Paul this has increased greatly.

I can fully recommend Paul to everybody as an expert in PC handling. You will not be disappointed.
Amélie Noack, Psychotherapist

Our Rates

  • 1st hour £40
  • 2 hours£75
  • 3 hours£105
  • 4 hours£135
  • 5 hours£160
  • 6 hours£180
  • 7 hours£195
  • 8 hours£200