IT Alternative Welcome

If you are looking for patient, personal, effective IT support and consultancy then you need look no further.

Here at South West London-based IT Alternative we talk your language and will dedicate ourselves to solving whatever IT problems are troubling you at the moment.

Paul Richards, the company founder, has considerable IT troubleshooting skills, but is also an English Graduate (to PhD level), pianist and poet.  He has a particular empathy with those working in the liberal arts, and is tuned in to, and experienced in helping with, their particular IT needs.

Computers can be incredibly useful when they are working and exasperating beyond belief when things go wrong.

We have all experienced those interminable calls to remote helplines which leave you either no further forwards or in a worse position than when you started.

For Home/Small Office users we will …

  • Make your life easier by solving computer hassles and headaches of all shapes and sizes
  • Provide personal follow-up support
  • Provide software training and guidance as required
  • In particular we take pride in working with the UK’s growing band of more senior computer users

For Corporates we offer a range of services and skills including …

  • Agile Project Management (Scrum Certified)
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical documentation authoring and diagramming
  • End-to-end website production
  • Search Engine Optimisation

To give a small flavour of the kind of work we do, our two most recent jobs consisted of:

  1. Successfully setting up a home user with electric power line based home networking, enabling the gentleman, amongst other things, to take full advantage of the web TV service provided by his Sony flatscreen TV.
  2. Writing a detailed document analysing the IT setup and database usage of a medium sized business, and making recommendations for changes (now being implemented).
Paul Richards
Founder-Director, IT Alternative